The Online Fitness Business Mentorship

Learn How to Create a Seamless Online Personal Training System that Works!

We Will Show You How to Build Your Own Successful Online Personal Training Business, Work From Anywhere in the World, and Help Thousands of People Achieve Their Goals.

Okay, so Jordan’s drinking coffee (hot, black) and Mike’s on his second pint of the day (Haagen Dazs, white chocolate raspberry truffle).

Now, we haven’t formally met you but, since you’re here, we’re assuming you’re not the average Kyle or Karen looking for a “magic” business building pill or potion or powder or doodad.

You know, all too well, there isn’t a quick fix. And you’re happily willing to put your nose to the grindstone to achieve your goals.

That said, since you’re here, we’re assuming you’re not 100% happy with your business. You might be doing alright…but no matter how hard you work…and no matter how consistent you are on social media…you can’t seem to get more followers or the traction you want to get more clients.

Not to mention, every “business coach” on the internet says something different and they all contradict one another. So while you’re itching to learn and get better and want to help as many people as possible, it’s frustrating because you don’t know which coach is legit, who has your best interest at heart, and who is actually going to help you build a successful online coaching business.

Now, we’re also going to assume:

You’ve tried the “social media thing” and, while you’ve gotten some good responses and people have said your posts are helpful, you can’t seem to break into the mainstream and get the attention and interaction you want.

You want to help as many people as possible and build a successful business but you aren’t exactly sure what direction to go or where to focus your efforts to get the best results in the least amount of time.

You’re tired of gaining & losing motivation to build your business. Because regardless of how hard you try, and how much you genuinely want to help people…it turns into a comparison trap that drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

In Other Words, You’re Fed Up with Industry BS and Not Being Able to Help More People. You’re Over the Social Media Popularity Contests. And You’re Tired of Not Getting Results that Match Your Effort.

And for good reason.

Because, aside from wasting your time and money and patience, you have no interest in scammy marketing tactics or selling the next Fit Tea.

Some people might be okay with that. And maybe they’ll be able to do it for a few weeks or a month or maybe even a few years.

But not forever.

And you know, just as well as we do, there’s more to this than just making money.

Because the truth is, you can make a hell of a lot of money by genuinely helping people and doing the right thing.

And THIS is Why Most Coaches NEVER Build a Lucrative Online Coaching Business

Because they want to help more people and do things the right way…

But no matter how hard they work…or how often they post on social media…or how good of a coach they are…things never “take off” the way they should.

And say what you want…motivation alone can only last so long.

Not because you don’t want to keep going. But because, physically, mentally, and emotionally you can’t.

The Good News Is…

You do NOT have to use scammy marketing tactics to get more clients.

You do NOT have to post half naked butt selfies on Instagram to get more followers.

You do NOT have to spend 12-hours a day learning the best hashtags or “automatic millionaire formulas.”

And you do NOT need to spend a fortune on another business “mastermind” to build a successful online coaching business.

We’re Going to Show You Exactly What to Do

Hey 🙂  

We’re Jordan and Mike.  

Jordan’s a 27th degree black belt in chugging coffee.  

Mike hasn’t eaten a meal without protein since 1997.  

We’re both strength coaches, nutrition consultants, Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainers, and own two of the most successful online coaching businesses in the world.  

Collectively, we’ve coached over 7,500 people online since 2011.

And over the better part of the last decade, we’ve created a streamlined system that will show you how to help hundreds upon thousands of people all over the world WITHOUT using scammy marketing tactics just to make a quick buck.


What Will You Learn?


A lot.

A lot, a lot.

  • Literally, everything you need to know to build a bigger, more engaged following. And, in the process, create a scalable, successful online coaching business.
  • Every week we host a Members-Only Live Q&A Session so you can sit down with us, get to know each other better, and we can answer your specific questions. This way even in a group you get individual support. If you can’t make it Live, no worries. All Q&A’s will be recorded and saved.
  • You have full access to the Members-Only accountability forum. Which, keep in mind, isn’t fancy. It’s just a private Facebook group. But we’re not interested in fancy. We’re interested in keeping you focused, holding you accountable, and providing you with ongoing motivation, support & guidance. Because that’s what will keep you consistent. And consistency will make your business successful. 
  • And you get Members-Only access to every Mentorship course, webinar & manual. You get immediate and lifetime access to every lesson, every course, every manual, every webinar…everything. 

What Kind of Results Can You and Your Business Expect?

“Mike and Jordan Helped Me Scale My Business From a Low 5-Figure to a Mid 6-Figure Annual Income.”

Mike & Jordan have massively impacted my business, but not in the way most people might think….

Yes, they helped me simplify and streamline my systems. And, in the process, they helped me scale my business from a low 5-figure to mid 6-figure annual income.

But, more importantly, they’ve taught me how to be a good coach.

They’ve instilled in me the values of giving without expectation, helping others first, and building a real relationship with my audience. Things that have turned my small little coaching business into a fulfilling, respectable, and highly profitable career for the rest of my life.

-Carter Good (instagram: @cartergood)

“My Following Has Tripled and My Earnings Have Doubled.”

Jordan & Mike are hands down two of the most SELFLESS, HARDWORKING, & KNOWLEDGEABLE individuals in the fitness industry. They are unlike any other fitness or business coach out there. Their intentions are pure. They want to help you in any way they can, and they inspire you to do the same. They took time out of their busy schedules to give me advice regarding my social media page & online fitness business. Ultimately, they gave me some of the best advice I have ever received about improving my social media content & bolstering my online coaching business. They offer unique perspectives to help you enhance your services & set realistic goals for the future.

Since working with them, my following has tripled, my earnings have doubled, and my clientele has significantly increased, all while being a full-time nursing student. I am so grateful for their knowledge, wisdom, expertise & most importantly the time they’ve invested in me & my business.

They believe in you from the start, they care about you as a person & they aren’t afraid to tell you like it is, but only because they want the best for you and your business. I trust them so much & know I can always rely on them to give me helpful advice on how to improve my business. They are the realest & most genuine individuals in the fitness industry. Plus, they aren’t in it for the money like 99.9% of other coaches are; they are in it to help YOU be successful. I highly recommend working with them in any way possible, I promise you WILL NOT regret it.

-Bailey Ducommun (Instagram: @BodyFitBalance)

“I’m Finally Supporting Myself with My Online Coaching Biz Full-Time.”

Whether they knew it or not, Mike and Jordan were my ‘internet mentors’ when I first started my online coaching biz. I was just some kid in college consuming all of their content and constantly asking them questions (which they ALWAYS responded to). And it seemed that their answers kept revolving around the same premise: help as many people as I could and provide value for free, forever. They told me as soon as the core of my biz stopped focusing around that simple foundation, I was going to start falling behind.

Fast forward a few years of doing exactly that and I’m finally supporting myself with my online coaching biz full-time. Jordan showed me how to build trust on social media and how to grow my email list from scratch. Mike showed me how to setup my blog for client applications and build depth with my brand.

Most importantly, they showed me there was a way in this industry to ETHICALLY make a living for yourself doing what you love while being a genuine human to others. I’m proud to call them friends.

If you’re looking for ways to get-rich-quick, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’re looking to implement coaching strategies and systems that have stood the test of time—for myself and countless others—Mike and Jordan are your guys.

-Matt McLeod (Instagram: @MattMcLeod6)

“I Have Both Jordan and Mike to Thank for Helping Me Build My Own Online Coaching Business.”

There is no one better in this industry to help you build your online coaching business than Jordan and Mike. Not only are they the two most genuine and respected people in the industry, but they have two of the most successful online coaching businesses as well.

They will teach you how to improve your social media presence so you can help more people than you ever imagined possible. They will have you focus on what’s truly important – not the minutiae most “business coaches” make you obsess over – and you will learn practical strategies you can implement immediately that will help build your business.

Jordan and Mike are engaging, relatable, incredibly inspiring, and they will push you to work harder and help more people every single day.

I have both Jordan and Mike to thank for helping me build my own online coaching business. You will never get any better coaching than you will with them.

-Susan Niebergall (Instagram: @SusanNiebergallFitness)

“When I Decided to Start an Online Fitness Business, Jordan & Mike Were the First I Asked for Advice.”

Jordan and Mike are not only great coaches, they also understand the business of coaching.

Both of them have been successfully training clients online for years. And when I decided to start an online fitness business, they were the first ones I asked for advice.

They are great at what they do, always trying to stay ahead of the trends and, most importantly, they are passionate about helping people.

Jordan and Mike are an invaluable resource.

-Joe Yoon (Instagram: @JoeTherapy)

“You Can’t Go Wrong with Mike and Jordan. They Changed My Life.”

I taught Mike and Jordan everything they know about fitness.

You should come join my mentorship instead.


But, seriously. I love these dudes. They have the biggest hearts and best intent.

You can’t go wrong with Mike and Jordan.

They changed my life.

-Gary Vaynerchuk (Instagram: @GaryVee)

Here, We’ll Tell You the “Secret…” (Lol)

It’s NOT an expensive pill or powder or supplement or potion.

It’s NOT “automated sales funnels” or half naked instagram selfies.

And it’s NOT fake candid pictures of yourself pretending to work on the beach.

Do you know what it is?

We’ll tell you.

Well, there are 3 “secrets.” So we’ll outline each one.

Secret #1: You, Not I

Scroll through several pieces of your content (on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube or whatever) and count how many times you use the word, “I.”

Now, read through again and count how many times you use the word, “you.”

Odds are you’ve written “I” way more than “you.” 

And it might not seem like a big deal. But one of the main reasons most coaches struggle to get their online coaching business off the ground is because they spend more time talking about themselves than the people they’re trying to help.

Think of it like this…

Imagine if we (Mike & Jordan) spent this entire time talking about ourselves.

How great our businesses are doing…

How many coaching applications we get every day…

How easy it is for us to create new content…

How much we work and how little we care what people think of us…

It might be interesting, at first. But it doesn’t take long to get old, repetitive, and obnoxious. Because as delightful as we are, you want to know how we can help you.

And you should. 

Because that’s what you’re here for.

And that’s what we’re here to help you do.

Same for your followers and future clients.

It’s nice for them to see bits and pieces of what you do and how you live a healthy, fit life. 

But more importantly, you need to show them how you can help them do it, too.

And that begins with “you.” Not “I.”

Secret #2: Automated Sales Funnels and Social Media Posts (KIDDING!)

One of the most common questions we get from coaches is how to automate your business.

“How do I automate my Instagram posts?”

“How do I automate my client programs?”

“How do I automate my emails?”

“How do I automate blah blah blah blah blah.”


We don’t automate anything.

That’s not true.

We do automate some things. And by “some things” we mean very, very, very few (which we’ll show you how to do).

But the overwhelming majority of our business (social media, email, client programs, articles, videos, products…hell, even writing this page) is done manually.



Over a long period of time.


Most “masterminds” and “business goo-roos” go hard and heavy selling you their “automation secrets” because they know it’s what most coaches want.

It’s what you’ll pay them a lot of money for.

The same way you know most people trying to lose weight would prefer fat burning pills, detoxes, cleanses, etc rather than just putting in the work.


It’s not fun or sexy or marketable…but this is the truth.

You need to stop wasting your time looking for ways to automate your business.

And start spending your time actually building your business.


Start with a challenge. 

A challenge for you to post three times/day, every day for thirty days straight.

You don’t have to…it’s not the only way to build your business.

But it works. And it works very well.

And you might not like posting on social media. And you might not want to do it every day.

But think about posting on social like eating your veggies.

Your clients might not want to eat their veggies every day. And many of them definitely don’t like it.

But if they’re complaining to you about not losing weight when they aren’t eating their veggies…you’re probably going to give them a healthy dose of tough love.


Consider this your tough love.

Eat your damn veggies. And post on social media every damn day.

Love you.

Secret #3: Accountablity, Support, Motivation, & Guidance 

Have you ever gotten kickback from friends or family or anyone about posting too much on social media? Or how all you ever post is “fitness stuff.” 

They tell you “it’s annoying” or “it’s too much” or “it looks like you’re trying too hard.”

We call these people “depleters.” 

Because even though you’re doing what makes you happy…and you are trying your best to help other people…they feel like they have the right to discourage you. To make you feel bad for spending your time and effort and money trying to build a successful online coaching business.

Your Environment Dictates Your Success

The people you surround yourself with infuence your emotions and decisions, far more than most of us realize. 

And if you don’t have the opportunity to be around people who support, encourage, motivate, and guide you (especially when you need it most) you are wayyyy more likely to fall off track and back into your old habits.

That’s why you need to find people with similar interests and goals. 

People who don’t tear you down for wanting to be better. 

You need people who cheer you on…motivate you…inspire you…and push you to be your best every day. As soon as you wake up, all the way until you go to bed. 

Because THAT is how you guarantee success.

Can We Tell You One Thing That Sucks & One Thing That’s Great?

The thing that sucks…

Most coaches will go through their entire career without ever getting to a point where they feel 100% completely happy and confident with their business and the impact they’ve made on the world.

They might enjoy their job and be proud of those they’ve helped.

But there’s almost always a whisper of a voice — an uneasiness in the back of their mind — when they look in the mirror and know they could have done so much more.

And that sucks. A lot. It’s a terrible feeling and we wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

The thing that’s great…

You CAN be 100% happy and confident and proud of your business and the impact it’s making on thousands of people all over the world.

You can. You should. And we want to help you do it.


Step Into Our Online Fitness Business Mentorship and Get Unlimited Access to Our BEST Systems & Methods to Build Your Own Successful Online Personal Training Business, Work From Anywhere in the World, and Help Thousands of People Achieve Their Goals.

For many years we’ve worked exclusively with 1-on-1 business coaching clients and have had amazing results.

Issue is, that type of coaching is very expensive, so many can’t afford it. And there’s only so many people we can work with at once, so we weren’t able to help as many people as we wanted.

That was the worst part. Because we didn’t get into coaching to make money.

We got into coaching to help people. As many people as we possibly could. And it got to a point where we realized 1-on-1 wasn’t the best way to do that.

That’s Why We Created The Fitness Business Mentorship

Because now you can get unlimited access to our all-time best systems & methods to build your own successful online coaching business.

And, best of all, you get it at a fraction of the cost you’d pay to work with us 1-on-1.

Literally everything you will ever need to get more followers, increase your revenue, and have a truly meaningful business that positively impacts the world is all available in our Mentorship.


  • The Instagram Growth Mini-Course is written by Jordan and outlines exactly how he went from 6,000 followers to over 200,000 followers in less than a year. More importantly, it gives you all the tools and systems you need to not just get more followers…but to create a powerful relationsip with each and every one. So instead of chasing “likes,” you’ll make an unforgettable difference in people’s lives. And that is true power.
  • The Coach’s Guide to Calorie & Macronutrient Prescription for Clients is written by Mike and details exactly how to assess your clients to create, set, and adjust their calorie & macronutrient intake for fat loss, muscle gain & body recomposition. Because any coach can get their clients visible results in 30 days. But only a great coach can help a client get and maintain their results for the rest of their life. And that’s exactly what this guide teaches you how to do. 
  • Monthly Live Q&A’s with Jordan and Mike: Every month we host two Members-Only Live Q&A’s (90-min each) so you can sit down with us, get to know each other better, and we can answer your specific questions. This way even in a group you get individual support. If you can’t make it Live, no worries. All Q&A’s will be recorded and saved.
  • Ongoing Motivation, Accountability, Support & Guidance in the Members-Only accountability forum. Which, keep in mind, isn’t fancy. It’s just a private Facebook group. But we’re not interested in fancy. We’re interested in keeping you focused, holding you accountable, and providing you with ongoing motivation, support & guidance. Because that’s what will keep you consistent. And consistency will make your business successful. 
  • Powerful Mindset & Psychological Tactics to help your clients develop a healthy relatonship with food, stop yo-yo dieting, and eliminate binge eating once and for all. (No more guilt or food anxiety).

You Have Two Options to Choose From Right Now..

Option 1: Keep doing what you’re already doing. And if your social media is growing and your business is seeing great results…don’t change it. There’s no reason for you to join The Mentorship if you’re already crushing it and are happy with the way your business is progressing. 

Option 2: We take over as your “business mentors” and give you full access to our Business Mentorship. You don’t do any wondering or guesswork. No second-guessing yourself. You get unlimited access to, literally, everything you need to build a successful online coaching business that allows you to work from anywhere and help thousands of people all over the world.

Both options are valid and, regardless of whether or not you join, we’re always here for you. Always. No matter what.

With that said, if you want to apply to The Online Fitness Business Mentorship and let us help you build a successful online coaching business that helps people all over the world and allows you to work from wherever you want…